Slate Tile

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Slate comes in a range of colors, which is part of the appeal of slate tile. It can be gray, bluish, green, red, orange, or brown, often with veins of color running through the tile. Many people use it to add a more natural look to a room or roof, since no tile is identical. Slate tile can also be arranged in patterns which showcase the color variations, and various shapes can be cut to create ornate tile designs. Beyond its thermal resistance, there are some other advantages to slate tile. It has a mildly rough surface, creating a non-slip surface which will not permit falls even when the floor is wet or greasy. It is also durable, when installed and cared for properly. Slate tile can be used to keep rooms cool or warm with circulating systems which run underneath the tile, creating radiant heating and cooling. Before it can be used as flooring or roofing, slate has to be cut. Because of the way in which it forms, slate is very flaky, and it can be extremely friable. It needs to be cut in thick slabs so that it will not flake or crack, and it also needs to be cured, which often involves treatment with an application of wax to keep the rock waterproof. Once the slate is laid with grout which is appropriate for slate tile, it needs to be sealed to keep out moisture and stains, and it also needs to be periodically stripped and re-sealed, especially in high traffic areas. Many people like to leave the work to experts to ensure that the flooring is laid properly.

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