Patterns A Plenty with Hexagon Tiles

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Hexagon tiles go back to the days of Roman Baths. These exquisite tiles are legendary, charming and very European looking. The six-sided polygon has been very popular for centuries, found in some of the most noted palaces throughout history.

Hexagon tiles can be magnificently colored. Strategic use of them can bring out hues in walls and furnishings with clarity. In addition to adding flair to a bathroom, they have been used in homes adorning sunrooms and garden porches.

The beauty of hexagon tiles has been passed down generation after generation. It has survived wars and floods and is both durable and exquisite.

Here’s a great example of hexagon tiles being used in a family’s mudroom. Beautiful, yet also durable.

Matte Black Hexagon Tile

Matte black 2″ hexagon mosaic with gray grout for a mudroom

A throwback to eras of the past is this simple use of white hexagon tiles.

Hexagon Tile White

Minimum use of bells and whistles makes this Master Bathroom into a spa retreat.
2″ Glazed Ceramic Hexagon Tile

Simple, yet also sophisticated, hexagon tiles can be used in so many different ways. Using a variety of colors lends itself to creating unique and interesting patterns.

Walls and Floors with Hexagon Tile

One of my favorites is the Hexagon Mosaic Lagos Azul – Honed tile.

Lagos Azul Hexagon

Hexagon tiles in Lagos Azul 

We are happy to help you pick out the right hexagon tiles for your next remodeling project. Just give us a call.

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Retro New York Sexiness for your Home

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Our broad selection of unique mosaic tiling will perfectly compliment any super stylish sleek look

H-Line Subway Tile

H-Line 4×16 Subway Tile

We’ve all seen at least a few modern movies that feature the streamlined stylings, stone work and tiling of bygone eras.  It’s easy to admire the style and look of the tiling from the 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s; and not only was their work classy, artistic and chic, but it also stands up to the test of time much better than most modern work.  It was at this time that a lot metropolitan cities in the US were sort of ‘co-opting’ European designs and making them their own.  The result is the style that we all associate with old New York and Chicago; crisp, clean, and functional but artistic in a geometrical kind of way.

And ladies, pumps look so at home sliding across some sleek mosaic marble.

The great thing about mosaic tiling though, is its versatility.

If you’ve got a difficult project to pull off because of difficulties with color schemes, lighting, or anything else you can imagine; rest easy, mosaic tiling is here to rescue you.  For any one project, there is at the very least three different types of mosaic tiling that you can probably use to finish it up; and finish it up really, really well.  Whether its brick and subway mosaics for walls or some nice lush interlocking circle mosaics for flooring, if you’re aiming for classic style, you can’t miss with mosaics.


One thing about mosaic tiling that you hear from a lot of people is that it can be somewhat difficult to get the spacing correct.  While this can be true for a lot of inferior products, we make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for to fit in the space you need it to fit in.  A lot of individuals may not be taking proper measurements before they begin shopping; or perhaps they simply lack the skill to install it properly.  Whatever the case may be, any moderately skilled tile worker can easily deal with any type of mosaic tile that you throw at them (just don’t actually throw tile at your workers please…).

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Adding Value With Natural Stone Tile

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With Long Lasting Materials

The fall 2008 issue of Contemporary Stone & Tile Design, a design trade publication, turns a spotlight on a very special Mission Stone and Tile installation, with generous photos and text.  Despite the current slowing housing market, homeowners continue to employ durable material, such as natural stone tile, in their homes to boost value.


Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble 18×18 Tile

Even during an economic downturn, stone and tile continue to remain popular material choices when designing various spaces, especially in the residential sector. While these materials create an aesthetically pleasing setting, they also have the ability to increase value to one’s home, which is important for long-term investment.
Crema Marfil Marble Mosaics

Crema Marfil Mosaic Strips

glass tile and interlocking circles mosaic
When a person is looking to purchase a new home, the condition of particular spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, is usually a concern. With this in mind, a home where stone and tile are present invariably carries an appreciably higher value over a residence with laminate countertops and linoleum flooring, which are less expensive and much less durable.“In a buyer’s market, it’s actually more important than ever to add value to homes with the use of premium materials, specifically tile and stone,” said Mary Elizabeth Hulsey of Mission Stone & Tile Co. of Nashville, TN. “People trying to sell homes need every advantage to make their properties stand out, and buyers, who have plenty of home inventory to choose from, can be picky. The use of tile and stone often makes the difference.

“Whether the economy takes a downturn or an upswing, tile and stone are always great investments,” she continued. “The fact is that the last 10 years have solidified tile and stone as the preferred options. Homeowners are already accustomed to the quality and beauty of tile and stone, so even if the market is challenged, our customers are willing to hold out for quality.”


Calacatta Marble Backsplash

Calacatta Marble Backsplash

And when it came time to design her own home, Hulsey utilized stone and tile products in an artful manner to use the space as a “show and tell” for potential clients. Being that she works in the industry, she wanted her home to showcase stone and tile as an example of the versatility and creativity that these natural surfaces can bring to a home.

Located in Nashville’s hip 12South neighborhood, a vibrant community with a mix of history and whimsy, Hulsey wanted her home to blend in, yet stand out in the context of its surroundings. The overall style she chose gives a graceful nod to the neighboring architecture, while staying true to its contemporary core, according to Hulsey.

Stone and tile can be found throughout the residence, from the entrance foyer to the cabana and pool area in the backyard and everywhere in between, said Hulsey. “Calacatta 3×6 Subway marble takes center stage in the kitchen, while White Carrara marble, Crema Marfil mosaics and glass tile adorn the spa-like master bath,” she explained.

Large-format tiles of polished Calacatta marble were selected for flooring and the shower walls in the spa-like master bathroom. Additionally, the bathroom walls feature Mother of Pearl glass mosaics. One guest bathroom features 3- x 6-inch glass tiles on the bathroom and shower walls, while interlocking circles of Crema Marfil tumbled mosaics with polished Thassos marble as an accent, make up the flooring. And another guest bathroom features thin Crema Marfil strips with 1- x 1-inch pieces of Lagos Azul limestone used as a trim for the border as well as the shower flooring.

As for exterior elements a leather-inspired line, “adds textural interest on the back porch,” according to Hulsey. For the pool area, the waterline tile is comprised of “Rain,” which combines a blend of Bianco Carrara, Ming Green, Azul Celeste and Thassos marble. Additionally, 2- x 2-inch pieces of tumbled black slate were employed as paving around the pool.

The only challenge for the homeowner was in selecting products. “As someone in the business, my tastes and passions for the products are immense,” she explained, adding that she used her interior design sensibilities to narrow down her selections in order to be sure to use options that were both innovative and contemporary.

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