Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

Posted under Top Ten Lists by on November 13, 2013

When it comes to being inspired to remodel your home or work on a DIY Home Project, there are so many ideas on Pinterest, but I enjoy seeing the process come to life on TV!  You can cozy up on the sofa and watch pros come together and make homeowners’ dreams happen!

You can easily draw inspiration from the Designers, Contractors, and Carpenters, and relate to the homeowners who are amidst the design process. TV Networks like HGTV have paved the way for Home Renovation shows, and I enjoy their new twist on keeping design and business in the family!  Whether you enjoy watching shows on Color Theory, Bathroom Renovation, or a complete home over-haul, here is a Top 10 List of the Best Home Remodeling TV Shows.

10.) Design on a Dime

Not every remodeling project has to cost fortunes to look fabulous.  Design on a Dime incorporates time and money saving designs that will transform any space without breaking the bank.  Hosted by designer Casey Noble, tune in for tips and secrets on how you can achieve champagne taste on a beer budget.
dod Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows9.)  Love It or List It

If you are struggling with the idea of renovating your home or desperate to sell your home, then watch the battle between Designer, Hilary Farr and Realtor, David Visentin.  See Hilary and David duke it out after she remodels one to two major spaces of the client’s home, while David tries to entice the homeowners with a new home!  Based on today’s housing market, a lot of homeowners discover what a difference an amazing renovation can make!

love it or list it Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows8.)  Extreme Makeover Home Edition

This show gets me every time in the beginning where you learn about a despondent family who is struggling to make ends meet due to illness or an unfortunate event in their lives.  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is hosted by Ty Pennington, and while his infamous blow horn speeches make you want to grab your ear plugs, you will find design inspiration around every corner.  Not only do they take you through the design process starting from demolition, you even get landscaping and DIY ideas for your own home.

Extreme MakeoverHome Edition Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows7.)  Rip & Renew

If you own a home built in the early 20th Century, or enjoy a traditionalist approach, you will love watching Rip & Renew hosted by Designer, Michelle Carano and Carpenter, James Lunday.  Based on their Greek Revival and Romanesque influence, they team together to incorporate the corresponding architectural elements for each home. Discover ways you can incorporate these beautiful and enticing elements into your home!
Rip Renew Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

6.)  Property Brothers 

This show is actually one of my favorites, not only do you get to see what happens during the remodeling process, you have an adorable brother co-host team that does all the work!  Drew Scott, a seasoned agent and brother Jonathan Scott, a contractor, work together to help homeowners find fixer-uppers and help them turn their new dump into their amazing new digs!  Jonathan has some amazing renovation ideas, and this cute duo makes it hard to say no to their fab design concepts.

Property Brothers Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

5.) Color Splash

Afraid of using color in your home?  Give Color Splash a go, you may be singing a different tune after you see what David Bromstad can do with pops of color!  Color Splash showcases once dull and dingy spaces transformed into engaging and playful spaces with the use of color.  Step out of the beige box and step into a life with color!

Color Splash Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

4.)  House Hunters Renovation

If you are a House Hunters & House Hunters International fan, and enjoy seeing what the homeowner has done at the end of the show, you will get those last 5 minutes for an entire 30 minute episode!  You get the same fun of house hunting with three home options, but enjoy seeing the homeowner makeover their new pad.  Not only will you get tips about house hunting for fixer uppers, you will pick up some home renovation facts.

House Hunters Renovation Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

3.)  Cousins Undercover

What do you get when you mix Property Brothers with Extreme Makeover Home Edition?  An awesome home renovation show that is a combination of cute contractors and amazing stories of heroic homeowners. Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri seek out a neighborhood with one particular homeowner that has a heroic story to tell, and they give back with a home renovation!  Just as Extreme Makeover sends the family away, Anthony and John send them off for a nice weekend getaway while a design team takes on a weekend reno challenge!  Not only will you gain some helpful home remodeling tips, tissues may be warranted in the heart felt ending.

Cousins Undercover Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

2.)  Bang for Your Buck

Curious about the remodeling value a new kitchen or bathroom would have on your resale value?  If you are considering renovating areas of your home, watch this show for valuable lessons that may cost one of the three homeowners on each episode.  Deciding factors such as an elaborate and colorful mosaic backsplash vs. a clean and appetizing color for a kitchen backsplash will help you narrow down your options.  Discover what remodeling and home staging factors would give you the most Bang for Your Buck!

Bang for Your Buck Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

1.)  This Old House

This Old House was the start of Home Remodeling TV Shows, in fact I grew up watching this show on Saturday mornings after cartoons.  Not only do you get to see two historical homes’ entire renovation, you learn questions to ask your contractor, detailed craftsmanship that you can utilize during your woodworking projects, and enjoy the laidback atmosphere that makes turning an old home into something beautiful and appreciated!  Since serious craftsmanship takes time, you will be reminded to take the time to make sure you hire the right Designer, Contractor, Carpenter, and Landscaper when it comes to your next home renovation!

This Old House1 Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

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It’s Fall Y’all–How’s about a Tile Sale?

Posted under Sales & Giveaways by on November 9, 2013

Our yearly anticipated Annual Tile Sale is here.   Lots of your favorite tiles are marked down to unheard of pricing.  AND, with our 20% off Coupon    (Coupon Code:  TURKEY)  …the saving can’t be beat!

Hurry- sale ends November 30th, 2013 or until inventory lasts.

 Its Fall Yall  Hows about a Tile Sale?
 Its Fall Yall  Hows about a Tile Sale?


box7 2 Its Fall Yall  Hows about a Tile Sale?



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Farm Fresh Thanksgiving

Posted under Holiday by on November 8, 2013

It is the beginning of family gatherings, pumpkin spice lattes, and scarf season.  More importantly it is our time to give Thanks for what we have, for the air in our lungs, and be grateful for the love that surrounds us.  Why not show your family and friends you care this year by starting a new tradition that will support your local community?  Instead of picking up cans of veggies, head over to your local Farmer’s Market and revel in the beauty of fresh produce.

Not only will your Thanksgiving feast taste fresh and delicious, display your greens on the table with a Farm Fresh Tablescape!  Cabbage may not be your main meal, but it can definitely be your main focal point displayed in barrels or heirloom vases.  Turnips, roots, and mini white pumpkins can be carved out at the top, pop in a tea light, and you have one heck of a veggie de-light!  Use cabbage or butter lettuce leaves to wrap around glass cups with twine, and serve up a raw veggie buffet.  Perfect for all your Farmer’s Market finds!  Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving decor & feast ideas this month!

c600x410 Farm Fresh Thanksgiving


96902777 Farm Fresh Thanksgiving96903098 Farm Fresh Thanksgiving
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Using Tile in Unexpected Ways

Posted under Decor and Inspiration, Home Decor by on November 7, 2013

There’s more to tile than bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes. Tile isn’t limited to traditional installations. With the increase in beautiful and color tile, the versatility of the product makes it an ideal candidate for some of the most creative places. We’ve searched high and low for some of our favorite ways to use tile in unexpected ways and want to share them with you. Maybe they’ll get your mind churning with new and exciting ideas for using tile in your own space!

1. Tile in the Pantry

pantry Using Tile in Unexpected Ways

If you have a walk-in pantry, consider using tile instead of painting the walls. Unlike paint, tile won’t faint, and it won’t absorb any of the moisture in the air. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic aesthetic element that guests won’t be expecting. White subway tile, like is seen in the picture above, is classic, beautiful, and won’t go out of style anytime soon. By selecting a tile here that won’t lose its appeal in the near future, you won’t need to remodel anytime soon.

2. Tiled Table

tiledtable Using Tile in Unexpected Ways

Another great use for tile is a tabletop surface. This clean, sleek white subway tile gives an old table a whole new look that’s modern and refreshing. You don’t have to limit yourself to white, or subway tile. Colorful mosaic tiles provide a virtually limitless color palette to work with for any taste or style. Check out our glass tile mosaics for color inspiration!

3. Tile Headboard

tiledheadboard Using Tile in Unexpected Ways

If you find a tile you love that doesn’t necessarily match the decor of the rest of your home, consider using it as a headboard. Whether you install the tile to the wall or to a backing, this makes a real show stopper and conversation piece. We recommend installing the tile to a backing that can be easily moved from one place to another in case you get the urge to redecorate or rearrange the furniture. Depending on the size of the headboard, this can be a fun, affordable way to add a splash of color and texture to your space.

4. Tile Behind Shelving

behindshelves Using Tile in Unexpected Ways

Open concept shelving is becoming more and more popular, and with it, the desire to display not only beautiful dishes, but beautiful backgrounds. Penny tile makes a fantastic addition to the back of a cabinet, particularly with an open concept or glass doors to really show off the pop of color and texture. Penny tiles aren’t the only choice when tiling the back of cabinetry, but it sure looks good, doesn’t it?

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Vintage Remakes

Posted under Home Decor, Mosaic Tiles by on November 5, 2013

If you love collecting vintage pieces for your home, think again about the cost of your finds!  Some antique shops are way overpriced, but scout out salvage shops and neighborhood garage sales…some people do not know the valuable difference between a table from IKEA or Granny’s Mid Century table.  So friends, when you are in love with a vintage piece go with your gut!

Do a little research and you will find that there are a lot of Vintage Remakes on the market, and may not cost as much as the real thing.  I love Marble Top Tables, and you can easily have a DIY weekend project ahead of you if you can find a metal table base and one of our Marble Tiles for the top!  You would save bundles, and you could even paint the base to coordinate with your decor.

Porcelain Hexagons are a nod to the past, but we offer many different colors and options to achieve this look!  Get your bathroom ready with our Hexagons, your DIY Table Project, and pick up this Damask Rug for around $350!  Getting your home vintage ready for the Holidays is going to be easier and less expensive than you think.

c600x529 Vintage Remakes
64350877 Vintage Remakes52655480 Vintage Remakes96701588 Vintage Remakes
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A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Posted under Bathrooms, Color Trends, Decor and Inspiration by on November 2, 2013

Children’s Bathrooms can be a little tricky to design, and it boils down to three questions.

1.) How many bathrooms do you have?  2.) Do you make the bathroom unisex?  3.) Will the children grow out of the style?

If you have only one bathroom for a whole family you can also consider the fact that a little paint goes a long way.  If you keep your bathroom neutral with the tile, flooring, and fixtures, you can incorporate a specific color by painting items such as the vanity, mirror, and additional pieces such as a footstool, vanity bench, and even your towel hooks!  If you have only one bathroom, I would opt for a color that the whole family could live with.  If you have an option for a children’s bathroom, but it also seconds as a guest bathroom, consider the same option.

If you have all boys or all girls, the color selection may be easier, but choosing colors that are unisex are always safer.  Incorporating Blue, Green, or Yellow elements can also be considered unisex.  I love the shades and tints of Blue, since Blue signifies water, purity, cleanliness, and creates a calming effect….especially when you are giving your child a night time bath, this color will help them unwind and get ready for bed.

Instead of incorporating Barbie or Superman in your design, choose a style that will suit the rest of your home.  Choose a vanity and mirror to paint that can be tied into a Contemporary style if it will complement the rest of your home.  Besides, will your 16 year old appreciate the Superman color scheme, towels and toohbrush holder when his friends are over?  Consider longevity, but also remember that the items you have painted can also be painted a different color down the road!

c600x421 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way


95162589 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way66771150 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way70248223 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way93883779 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way96253654 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way96521706 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way
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