Top Ten Essentials for a Farmhouse Kitchen

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on April 10, 2015

Whether you live in or dream about a Farmhouse, we have the Top Ten Essentials for a Farmhouse Kitchen. We have you covered, and you cannot go wrong with these elements to achieve the Farmhouse Style Kitchen of your dreams! Your home does not necessarily have to be set in the middle of a farm, you can in fact live in the city with all the charm of a Farmhouse set in the suburbs.

1.) White or Light Cabinets

Farmhouse Style is about simplicity without the pomp and circumstance. White or Light colored Kitchen Cabinets are essential in achieving this look, such as Magnolia Homes Farmhouse!
magnolia farmhouse kitchen-Mission Stone Tile

2.) Farmhouse Sink

A Farmhouse Sink or an Apron Sink is large enough to hold all your pots and pans while cooking up a meal for the whole farm…or just your family. This sink style is one of the design element giveaways for a Farmhouse Kitchen.
farmhouse kitchen sink-Mission Stone Tile

3.) Butcher Block, Soapstone, or Marble Countertops

Whether you choose one of these materials for all your countertops, or go with a little more creative option such as Marble or Soapstone on the main base cabinets and opt for Butcher Block on your kitchen island! This creates a more casual Farmhouse Look, and is perfect for all the kitchen food and floral projects you cook up!

magnolia island butcher block-Mission Stone Tile
magnolia vintage pieces, butcher block-Mission Stone Tile

4.) Pull up a Stool

Kitchen Islands with bar seating allow for entertaining and eating in the kitchen. Plus the island seating keeps the kiddos or adults out of the main kitchen triangle while you are cooking!
magnolia homes island-Mission Stone Tile

magnolia white kitchen-Mission Stone Tile

5.) Vintage Accessories

Vintage Accessories complete the Farmhouse Kitchen Look, and they can be vintage or rustic inspired! Anthropologie and local vintage shops should do the trick, look for glass, wood, silver, and galvanized items like these Galvanized Cake Stands and Wood & Silver Serving Set.
galvanized cake stands-Mission Stone Tile
wood serving set, salad-Mission Stone Tile

6.) Mason Jars and Canisters

Whether you use Mason Jars for drinking or as a vase, they are kind of a Farmhouse Staple. Ceramic or Glass Canisters are also a must!
coffee_tea_sugar-Mission Stone Tile

Wired_Floral_Holders-Mission Stone Tile
7. Classic “Wood” Floors

While real hardwood floors are beautiful, they can also cost a pretty penny to upkeep. If you have a fridge leak or spill, hardwoods may not be the best bet. Opt for our Porcelain Wood Planks that will withstand the water and rough and tumble in your kitchen!
rustic appeal, porcelain wood planks-Mission Stone Tile

8.) Farmhouse Table

A Farmhouse Table is essential to achieving this look! An all wood table that your family can sit at everyday to eat is casual and comfortable.
magnolia farmhouse table-Mission Stone Tile
farmhouse table, nest of bliss-Mission Stone Tile

9.) Open Shelves

Open Shelving is perfect for storing the items you use everyday. The easy access is also a pretty way to display your dishes and canisters!
magnolia farmhouse open shelves-Mission Stone Tile

10.) Glass Front Cabinets

Glass Front Cabinets are a dead giveaway for a Farmhouse Style Kitchen! If you do not have the room for open shelves, go for this look and light it up!
glass front kitchen cabinets-Mission Stone Tile

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Get the Look: House of Turquoise

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on April 7, 2015

Turquoise is an alluring color that not only calms your mind, it takes you away. The Blog House of Turquoise is full of inspirational photos of rooms that take your mind to a place where summer lives forever. This Turquoise herringbone floor by Made A Mano is like looking out onto a dreamy lagoon where mermaids swim.

You can live like a mermaid and get the look with our Fireclay Tile in a 3 x 12 field tile installed in a herringbone pattern. We are loving the Tidewater Matte Glaze for wet areas such as your bathroom or kitchen, or the ultra dreamy Turquoise Glossy Glaze for everywhere else. You will have to get your sea legs back to venture into one of our showrooms to see the glazes in person, but in 5-7 weeks you could have your very own mermaid lagoon at home!
herringbone floor, turquoise floor-Mission Stone Tile

Tidewater Matte Glaze-Mission Stone Tile

turquoise glossy glaze-Mission Stone Tile

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Top Five Spring Floral Arrangements

Posted under Holiday by on April 2, 2015

With Easter this weekend and a variety of flowers blooming this Spring, you should be in the know with these Top Five Spring Floral Arrangements. Create a simple or elaborate Spring or Easter Centerpiece using seasonal blooms, and even some vegetables!

Carrots are not just for the Easter Bunny, they are for floral arrangements too! You’ve seen lemons and limes as a vase filler, but this cheeky Easter Centerpiece idea is perfectly complimented with seasonal Tulips.
carrot arrangement, springtime bouquets-Mission Stone Tile

This colorful arrangement is the perfect Spring Bouquet for weddings and your home! The cheery colors mixed with soft jade Succulents are a welcoming arrangement after the winter months. Pop this arrangement in a Mason Jar for a casual look, but you can dress it up with a gold or silver vase too.
floral arrangment, spring colors, succulents-Mission Stone Tile

If your style is a little more rustic, this Hyacinth, Tulip and Pussywillow arrangement is right up your alley. Find yourself a wine crate or old milk crate, and purchase real flower foam to keep the stems in place. You will want to purchase a clear plastic liner to hold the excess water from the floral foam, and be sure to start in the middle and work your way out to the edges for a balanced, pretty look!
rustic arrangement, pussywillow, tulips, hyacinth-Mission Stone Tile

For the ultimate Easter Basket, you will want this pretty Basket of Bulbs! Buy potted Daffodils, Tulips, or Hyacinth, and place them in the basket. Cover the pots with Cushion Moss to conceal the pots, and add some cute little Easter Chicks or leave it be for a simple, yet beautiful floral arrangement.
basket of bulbs, daffodils, easter-Mission Stone Tile

This Modern Tulip arrangement is simplistic, yet classy. Arrange a set of two or three cylinder vases in various heights, and fill the bottom of the vase with a little water and rocks. Place the tulips inside the tall vases, and let them fall to the sides.
modern tulips, centerpiece-Mission Stone Tile

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Texturize Your Space- The Essentials Subway Tile

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on March 31, 2015

There is nothing more boring than a dull space, so do not let your home fall flat. Texturize your space in the least likely places, and you will be amazed that details do matter! Our Essentials Subway Tile Collection available in 2×5 and 4×5 offers texturized details that will make your space pop. This PinPoint detail is a unique texture that creates dimension on a classic subway tile. Other Textured Options are available now for Purchase at our Online Store!

Available in neutral tones to let the texture do the talking, you can create an ombre look, herringbone pattern, or simply stack them up in a solid pattern for one pretty little look. Ask our Design Team for unique design patterns that you can incorporate into your bathroom, kitchen, powder room, or even add a little texture to your laundry room! Texturize any space with our Essentials Collection, and your home will never fall flat.

The Essentials- Textured Subway Tile

Oropeza Home- The Essentials Textured Subway

subway tiles, essentials, textured tiles-Mission Stone Tile

PinPoint Essentials


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DIY Designer Easter Eggs

Posted under Holiday by on March 26, 2015

Easter is around the corner, and there is nothing more fun than gathering the children for a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. These DIY Designer Easter Egg designs are more than creative, they are easy to create with the kids!

Pantone Dips: These Easter Eggs are little bit more for the Design minded adults, because why should the kids have all the fun? Simply Dip the eggs in the dye similar to your fave Pantone swatches, and write the color number in your trusty Sharpie pen.

Sharpies for Days: Keep that Sharpie pen handy, and break out all your favorite Sharpie pens for this high contrast Easter Egg Design. Draw a tribal pattern or your favorite geometric design, and if your children are trust worthy little creators, let them come up with their own little pattern!

Watercolor Dreamland: There is nothing dreamier than the soft strokes of watercolor, and on your Easter Eggs? Sure, why not! Your child may even have a few watercolor sets laying around, and this easy and less messy option is perfect for all your Spring related designs.

Easter Eggs


Ombre is for Type A: If you are a color master, then get your dye ready to create one pretty little masterpiece. This Ombre Easter Egg design looks oh so pretty in pink, but Violet or Blue would also be a nice touch! Line this design up in a row in classic egg cups for a sweet little Easter centerpiece!

I Want the Golden Egg Daddy!: Go ahead, let Veruca Salt loose on these gilded Easter Egg Designs! Pick up some gold leaf and create these trendy designs, or completely cover your eggs in gold! Give Easter the Midas Touch with these pretty little golden eggs.

Designer Eggs


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POP of Color In Your Kitchen

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on March 23, 2015

By adding a POP of Color in your kitchen, you may be enticed to spend a little more time there! Appetizing colors like red and green go a long way as an accent.  Add these alluring colors to your base cabinets or even on the floor! These bright pops of color activate our senses, and draw us into the space. Whether you are hungry or not, this appetizing Kelly Green color sure hits the spot.

To hit it right on the money, ask our Design Team how you can incorporate a pop of color in your kitchen. Whether you would like to embrace the ombre look on your kitchen floor, or find a complimentary backsplash or floor tile that will look great with your colored cabinets. There is no limit to the shapes or sizes we offer in colored tile options, and you can get a head start by shopping at our online store for that special POP of color right now!
kelly green cabinets, interior design-Mission Stone Tile
wood tiles, kelly green flooring-Mission Stone Tile

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