5 Steps to a Clutter Free Home

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on July 28, 2015

Summertime heat can be overwhelming when you are spending a lot of time indoors with a home full of clutter. These 5 steps will get you on your way to a clutter free home that you can accomplish indoors! Get the kids to help or invite some friends over for some wine while you go through old items that you can giveaway.

5 Steps to a Clutter Free Home-Mission Stone Tile

Start with the Kitchen. If you love to cook, but feel like you do not know where everything is, or items just are not accessible…get rid of those gadgets you never use. Give your cabinets and pantry a deep clean. Giveaway those cake molds you’ve used once, or the salad slicer 5000 that you’re afraid will chop your pinky finger off. Keep your counters clutter free. Now that you have room in your cabinets, store the food processor and toaster. Highlight your backsplash with something special that will draw you in to cook more in your clutter free kitchen!

Stop playing Jenga with your furniture. No matter how hard you try to make that large dining room table fit in that small eat-in kitchen, it will never work. Let it go. Same goes for the random chairs you’ve collected over the years. Just because you’ve had that chair since college does not make it an antique. Let it go. Cramming more furniture than needed or over sized pieces into a room will not make the room feel complete. Sell it, give it away, it will be okay.

It’s okay to re-purpose items. If you have a dresser that needs a home, give it a facelift and use it as a buffet or entertainment storage. Stain or repaint these items, and let them have their glory moment. This does not mean keep it until you know what to do with it. Again, cramming a piece into a space that will not fit simply does not work. Only re-purpose items if they simply will have a purpose.

Move on from trendy pieces. You may have enjoyed that trendy lamp you bought five years ago, and it was your style at the time. If you are holding on to it, and it does not go with your current style, get rid of it. Same goes for any piece of furniture, rug, or artwork. If it looks too trendy, then it will in five years from now, except it will be out of style by then. Always consider the life expectancy and price of a trendy item. Do not spend too much on something you may not like in five years from now.

Time to say goodbye to those DIY Pinterest Projects. If you haven’t gotten around to it in the past year, most likely it will never get finished or even started. Why save hundreds of mason jars or that hutch you’ve been meaning to DIY into some Pinterest accomplishment? If you don’t complete these projects soon, give them away and free up that space for other activities or much needed storage.

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MS+T Featured on Lonny : Bathroom Tile Selection

Posted under Mission Accomplished- Makeover Stories by on July 23, 2015

We love Lonny, and you are going to love this feature! From a peak inside our fun and fearless leader Mary Elizabeth Oropeza’s 12South neighborhood home, to the fast and furious makeover in Gwenyth Paltrow’s Nashville loft, it’s all about the right tile selection.

Mary Elizabeth Oropeza and our Design Team take cue from their interior design background when assisting clients from homeowners to designers. “Customers these days are savvy—they’ll bring in a photo from Lonny or Houzz, and our job is to recreate it affordably”-Mary Elizabeth Oropeza on tile selection in the showroom. Take a look at the full feature here, and book your appointment with our Design Team so you can get started on the right tile selection for your space!
mary elizabeth oropeza, lonny magazine-Mission Stone Tile

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Daring Design Choices That Work

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on July 21, 2015

Be bold, if you dare. If you are afraid of committing to a design, more likely than not that custom designer look you desire will not come to fruition. Only if you dare to step outside the box will your space look luxe. Consider these daring design choices that work, because a carefully thought out design can be a bold move for the best.

Black Walls Myth: So many think black walls will make you feel like you are in a dungeon. Well sure if you do not have windows, light, or furnishings that balance the black walls. While you may think the dark walls will make you feel closed in, you’re wrong. Dark colors recede from the viewer’s eyesight, which makes the space feel expansive. Ever visited the beach at night, and you look out on the ocean and black sky like it goes on forever? Exactly. Consider black walls when you have sufficient natural light, light furnishings, finishes and fixtures, and voila, a designer luxe look for less.

black wall paint-Mission Stone Tile

calacatta gold tile, vetro glass, black walls-Mission Stone Tile (more…)

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What’s Your Tub Style?

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on July 18, 2015

From traditional to transitional, there are an overwhelming amount of tub style options out there. From free standing to built in to jacuzzi tubs options, your head may be spinning. If you do not know what your tub style should be, here is some inspiration to help break down the options.

A custom designed built-in contemporary style tub may the best option for you if you love sleek lines, and a minimalist approach. Add some hydrotherapy jets and a wall mount tub fixture, and not only will your bathroom look beautiful, it will be one serene place to unwind. Love our Tile in this space? The subtle glimmer of our Vetro Glass compliments our elegant Calacatta Gold Marble which makes one beautiful statement.
tub style, vetro glass-Mission Stone Tile
Nashville Oropeza Home, Vetro Glass, Calacatta-Mission Stone Tile
If your home and style are on the traditional end of the spectrum, a no fail, classic design is the claw foot tub. A classic white or black is always a good decision, but a colorful glaze may be a little daring. When carefully thought out, any daring decision is a great one! Love this tile wall feature? We offer ELECTRA in a dreamy Marine Blue & Bone Pattern. Imagine a Marine Blue glaze on this tub, talk about summertime everyday.

dandelion tile, claw foot tile-Mission Stone Tile

For another traditional approach, you can still have a free standing tub with a view. The simple lines of this curvilinear free standing tub looks graceful, and when paired with Calacatta Gold Marble, you cannot go wrong with this elegant style.

free standing transitional style tub, marble tile-Mission Stone Tile

When you like the traditional style, but are moving towards a more contemporary approach, consider your tub style to be transitional. I love how this herringbone patterened floor draws you in to see this simplistic, yet curvinlinear free standing tub. Love the striped pattern on this marble floor? Consider our Metro White for a unique, show-stopping design!

Metro White Marble, Tub, Subways-Mission Stone Tile
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5 Fruitastic Summer Party Refreshments

Posted under Fashion, Travel, Food & Wine by on July 14, 2015

Hosting a summer soiree this weekend? Give into the height of the summer’s fruit market with these 5 fruitastic summer party refreshments! Not only will these fruit forward ideas keep your guests cool, you will find these easy recipes add a little life to the party.

Wine Slushies from Dessert For Two is quite simply a fantastic way to sip your wine without it getting too hot during warm summer nights.
Wine Slushies-Mission Stone Tile
Grilled Pineapple by Eazy Peazy Meals marinated in coconut milk and brown sugar is one sweet summer treat, and pop them on skewers for an easy hors d’oeuvre!
Pineapple Skewers-Mission Stone Tile
Nothing says summertime quite like a margarita, a Coconut Pineapple Margarita from The Blond Cook that is! Add the grilled pineapple to this for a smokey taste!
coconut pineapple margarita-Mission Stone Tile
Cool off with a non alcoholic Watermelon Punch by Martha Stewart that will tantalize your taste buds. Not only does it look cool, the best part is the clean up when the party is over…simply toss the punch bowl!
watermelon punch and bowl-Mission Stone Tile
Dress up any glass with these oh so pretty Fruit & Mint Ice Cubes on Buzzfeed, which your guests can add to water, tea, or a wine spritzer!
fruit ice cubes-Mission Stone Tile

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Guide to Tile Selection with MS + T

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on July 10, 2015

If your summer plans consist of a remodel, work with our Design Team to get the ball rolling. Our simple Guide To Tile Selection with MS + T is as easy as bringing what you envision to the table, and we can bring your vision to life. Here are some simple steps that make your adventure to our Showroom seamless.
tile selection guide-Mission Stone Tile
1.) Make an Appointment: While you can pop in our Showrooms at anytime during business hours, we would love to give you our undivided attention. An appointment is not necessary, but if we can have a chat on the phone before your arrival to discuss what you may be interested in, we can start turning our wheels and pull together some ideas before your appointment.

2.) Bring Your Inspiration: What style do you desire? Bring a magazine article, Pinterest Board, fabric sample, paint counter, or cabinet samples, or even a photo of your dog…not really, but knowing you have pets can help aid in the tile selection process!

3.) Bring Your Footage: Square Footage that is. Have you had a Tile Installer come out to your home to measure? Finding out how much tile you will need will help us determine if it is something we may have in stock ready for you to take home! While not all of our tile selections are in stock, determining how much tile you will need will help us determine the lead time.

4.) Bring Your Budget: Your Budget is very important to staying on task. We can make tile selections easier by keeping your options within budget.

5.) What’s a Bullnose? Don’t worry, we know the tile terms, and we will help you determine all of the bits and pieces that go into tile design and installation. You are in good hands, and we want to make the tile selection process fun. We love what we do, and we want you to have an enjoyable experience! Contact Us Today to set up your appointment!
beveled arabesques, showroom in Nashville-Mission Stone Tile


Photo Credit: Leslee Mitchell

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