Fun & Flirty Bathroom Floor Designs

Posted under Bathrooms by on April 30, 2014

Fashion meets the floor, and we aren’t talking about the runway. Make a date with your bathroom with these two fun and flirty bathroom flooring designs. Straight from the print off your dress, this Chevron Pattern is offered through some of our tile collections, or can be installed in this pattern. Bring out your wild side with a more prismatic option like this Geometric Pattern on this swing skirt and crop top. Ask us about our Kibak, Tabarka, and Concrete Tile Collections to achieve this playful pattern for your bathroom floor!

c600x447 Fun & Flirty Bathroom Floor Designs


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Liquid Gold

Posted under Bathrooms by on April 28, 2014

When Park Avenue meets the Golden Glitz of Hollywood, you get one gorgeous statement. Between the bold and beautiful marble slab walls, and the golden accents, I could literally live and die in this space.

You can get this look by asking us about our Marble, and Porcelain Wood Planks to achieve the Herringbone Wood Pattern. Porcelain Wood will hold up to all the moisture in your bathroom, vs. real wood which can warp overtime. The golden accents such as the Octagon Mirror and Hammered Sinks are oh so stunning, so choose a metal and use it to compliment, not overwhelm.

c600x440 Liquid Gold


90364231 Liquid Gold98274603 Liquid Gold104250490 Liquid Gold108533240 Liquid Gold
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Earth Week: Recycled Tiles

Posted under Tile Choices by on April 24, 2014

As Earth Week continues, the understanding and use of sustainable and recycled materials can make a difference. You can make a difference not only by recycling glass, plastics, and paper, you can also join the effort in purchasing recycled materials such as some of our tile collections that offer recycled or reclaimed content.

Our Crush Glass Collection offers 100% recycled content, Fireclay Ceramics , and some Porcelain Collections also offer recycled content. Reclaimed materials are also a way to reuse materials from an existing structure, such as our Reclaimed Barnwood TilesAsk us how you can incorporate these collections into your design! With endless flooring, wall, and backsplash tile options, there is always a special place to showcase these not only beautiful, but earth friendly tile collections. The wave of the future is leaning toward Sustainable Design, so why not get on board and get educated on how you can make a difference for the future of our children.

c600x1024 Earth Week: Recycled Tiles


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Earth Week: Sustainable California Home

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on April 21, 2014

During Earth Week, we want to bring you Sustainable Design Ideas that you can incorporate into your home remodel. Sustainable or Green Design is not only the materials used, it involves the entire design process, which includes purchasing of goods and materials, demolition, transporation of materials, and the design itself.

The function of the home is also considered, such as use of natural light, natural air conditioning, energy, and even water conservation. There are so many factors that designers and contractors consider that go into sustainable design. This California home in Montecito, CA. is a LEED Platinum-certifed home. Designed by John Maienza and Gregg Wilson, this gorgeous home boasts green roofs, solar panels, and more all without compromising the elements of design.

c600x820 Earth Week: Sustainable California Home


c600x1024 Earth Week: Sustainable California Home


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Easter Tablescapes

Posted under Holiday by on April 17, 2014

If you are hosting Easter Brunch or Dinner, you may want to dress up your table this year with items you may already posses. Spring colors are in full bloom in stores, but check your closets and cupboards, you may have a few items that you can mix together to create a beautiful Easter Tablescape.

These two color schemes play beautifully together, and the one of the easiest and most affordable ways of dressing up your table is floral arrangements. By sticking with one bloom option such as Cherry Tree Blossoms or Peach Tulips, you are saving beaucoup bucks by making your own with one flower type vs. buying the pre-made mixed floral arrangements. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to add some Easter candy to the table in pretty little bowls or dishes to add some color. You can also put your grandmother’s fine china to use, and pull from the color palette of the dishes to create a beautiful floral arrangement and tablescape.

c600x712 Easter Tablescapes


c600x528 Easter Tablescapes


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Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs

Posted under Holiday by on April 14, 2014

Just say “no” to plastic Easter Eggs this year and check out these fabulous DIY Easter Egg Designs that will have your children and family swoon. So easy to do with children, keep the Easter Egg Dying a family tradition. These creative ideas are taken from several nifty and crafty folks that really put a spin on that good old egg dye that we are used to.

Move over Bianca, we didn’t need Daddy to buy us a Golden Egg, we just make our own.

c600x461 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs
78445793 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs107569832 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs

Nail Polish has a whole new purpose on Easter Eggs (just be sure to buy the $1 Bin Nail Polish, as your fancy polish may turn a different color when mixed with others). Crack open your children’s Watercolor sets and go to town on your Easter Eggs with a brush!

c600x382 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs
107569788 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs107569745 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs

Keep the old dye handy with these silly Mustache Easter Eggs, and be sure to supervise if your children are drawing mustaches with a Sharpie! The Party doesn’t start until the confetti drops, so be sure to hide the Pinata Easter Eggs outside so your children will find one explosive surprise!

c600x363 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs
106689462 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs107570205 Fantastic DIY Easter Egg Designs
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