Must Haves : Mod Cement Tiles

Posted under Artisan Tile by on August 21, 2014

Wrapping up some Summertime projects around the house? Do not neglect that bathroom floor or entryway that needs a little extra attention. Our Mod Cement Tiles offer geometric or romantic appeal in patterns that do not disappoint! The high contrast of this space creates a fun atmosphere while looking super chic. Add some fun and pattern to your life with Mod Cement Tiles, life is too short not to! Ask Us how to achieve this look, we offer several patterns and colors that will work for your space.

c600x489 Must Haves : Mod Cement Tiles


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Smoke In Mirrors

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on August 18, 2014

The smokey and romantic look of Antiqued Mirrors creates a sense of mystery and persuasion. This Powder Room encased in Antiqued Mirrors is reminiscent of the famous Hall of Mirrors housed at the home of Marie Antoinette at Versailles.  Create a statement in a powder room, as a backsplash for a bar, or add a sultry touch to a kitchen backsplash. The options are endless, and you can always spice up your boudoir with this smokey and romantic look!

c600x559 Smoke In Mirrors


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Translucent Twist on Traditional

Posted under Kitchens by on August 16, 2014

If you desire a Traditional Kitchen Design, but think some overly ornate design choices should stay in museums, then you may be searching for a new twist on traditional! This Kitchen Design offers classic Carrara Marble, while offering Contemporary Touches that keep this home rockin’ well into the 21st Century.

Lucite Moldings paired with Lucite Barstools provide an edgy style while remaining classic in design. Who would have thought this material could play well with traditional taste? Adding vibrant yellow as a pop of color makes this space look fresh and warm, while shiny chrome accents offer sparkle.

c600x322 Translucent Twist on Traditional


59594671 Translucent Twist on Traditional

Bianco Carrara – Honed
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The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on August 13, 2014

You do not have much to work with when it comes to College Dorms. The sliver lining is that it is pretty much a blank slate. Selecting items that are stylish while functional in this small space make for one unique and fashionable dorm room!

Start with a Bedspread or Duvet Comforter that suits your style, and then branch off from there. A plush rug and floor cushion offer additional seating while allowing for comfort. Storage is key, and a shelf or shelves above your bed allow for storage, and choose these floating shelves for all your books!

A side table does not have to be a foldable TV dinner table, so choose one that you like that’ll last you all four years. Lighting is imperative when it comes to studying, so choose a task light that you can fix next to your bed or desk. All the smells coming from the common room can be prevented with the one and only candle that actually permeates your room: Capri Blue-Aloha Orchid. Anthropologie knows what’s up, so splurge a little and it will go a long way.

Finally add artwork and accessories that remind you of your home, family, and friends. Have fun with this space, you will be spending your days and nights living, studying, eating, and sleeping in your dorm!

c600x660 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function


93923272 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

101952443 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

Magical Thinking queen bedding

78777022 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

111762740 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

New york wall art

105108402 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

4040 Locust small item storage

67740437 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

71646971 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

Urban Outfitters book shelf

103553721 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

Metal table

56348976 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

88981458 The Cool Kids : Dorm Style & Function

Amethyst Geode
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How to Create an Entryway without a Foyer

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on August 11, 2014

No Foyer? No problem. With many open concept plans, there is not a designated entryway area. To create the feel of designated areas in your home, simply arranging your furniture with a few accessories will do the trick!

These two simple ways to create an entryway are a piece of cake. Simply by turning your sofa’s back towards the entrance of your home, and adding a sofa table or console you have not only created an entryway, you still have the feeling of space without totally blocking off that area. By choosing a low profile sofa and sofa table, you still have the feeling of open space, but is now defined as an entryway.

c600x811 How to Create an Entryway without a Foyer

The same furniture arrangement can also be complimented with a rug or runner instead of a sofa table. If space is an issue, arrange your furniture in a similar group, and add a rug or runner to designate the entryway. Visually you have created an entryway without adding more pieces of furniture. Adding artwork to the wall perpendicular and closest to your front door also aids in the illusion of a defined entryway without taking up space.

c600x804 How to Create an Entryway without a Foyer


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The Many Shades of Grey

Posted under Color Trends by on August 8, 2014

This Fall’s Fashion is revolving around the many shades of Grey, and while the jury is still out on the infamous Christian Grey’s influence in color choice, Grey has been the new black for awhile now. The monochromatic look of an all Grey Scheme however looks fresh and sophisticated when pulled together.

This chic ensemble offers the many shades of Grey, while adding texture through the fabric, layers, and accents through metal work on the jewelry and shoes. You can also take cue from the latest Fall Trends by incorporating the same principles in your home decor. Be inspired by our Imperial Trellis Mosaic on your floor, and pair it with a Grey Vanity. Stay with Marble that offers Grey Tones such as our Calacatta and Carrara offerings for a more naturalistic and sophisticated look.

c600x386 The Many Shades of Grey


109799045 The Many Shades of Grey114097993 The Many Shades of Grey101938582 The Many Shades of Grey115422831 The Many Shades of Grey114125387 The Many Shades of Grey49425053 The Many Shades of Grey
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