Happy Father’s Day!

Posted under Holiday by on June 15, 2014

Anyone can be a father, but not everyone can be a Dad. From your first scraped knee to your first heartbreak, your Dad is there for you through the highs and lows of life. When we are young we see our Dad as a man with an invisible cape, and while we may not always agree with our Dad when we are teenagers, the moment when you are old enough to have a beer with your father and actually think his jokes are hysterical…you realize a lifelong promise that your Dad made to you when he held you on the first day of your life.

As we grow older and grow families of our own, your Dad will be there as Grandpa. Let him tell your children loving stories of the past, and watch his face light up. Be sure to include him in family events and soccer games. Call him when you want to pull your hair out. Call him just to say hello. He will listen, and he will give you advice whether you agree or not, but whether we realize it or not, this is what Dads do. This is what you will do as a father, or what your husband will do with your children. This circle of life is precious, and someday when you are older you will wish you could pick up the phone to call your Dad for absolutely no reason at all. Cherish this time and hold onto the memories. To all the memories with my Dad, my Father-in-law, my Uncles, and my Grandpas, I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day for all you have done and how you continue to be a part of my life!
fathers day cards Happy Fathers Day!

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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted under Holiday by on June 12, 2014

The old stand by gift for Father’s Day is usually a tie, but give him something different to open this year. Surprise him with one of these unique gift ideas, and you may even be sparked to give him something that truly suits his personality!

  • For The New Dad: New momma’s are busy getting a handle on motherhood, and searching online for gifts would be your best bet! Check out Etsy.com for Father’s Day Gifts, and I especially adore this Father’s Day Onesie. Have your baby dressed in the morning in this ensemble, and hand your baby over to him along with breakfast in bed.
  • For the Hip Dad: A new pair of Fender Ray-Ban’s will do the trick.  Show him that even though he’s a father, he still is stylish and deserves to feel young and hip!
  • For the Wino Dad: This engraved bottle of wine says it all. Hand it to him just before dinner, and let him drink the last drop.
  • For the Musician Dad: Who needs an iPod when your Dad will definitely get a kick out of this Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Record Player.
  • For the Suave Dad: A nice dressed man goes hand in hand with a great smelling man. Not only will he enjoy the cologne, he’ll enjoy the fact that you love the way it smells too.
  • For the Entertaining Dad: He’s always treating you to a play or a musical, buy him tickets that will entertain him! Take him to see his favorite band or sports team play. He’ll be so excited to share that memory with you!
    c600x532 Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas


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Adding Interest to Your Walls

Posted under Home Decor by on June 10, 2014

You strive to keep it interesting in your life and relationships, why not keep it interesting in your home? One way to add some interest is to dress your walls. From Vintage to Eclectic Styles, Wallcoverings are the most forgotten form of expression. Give your home a custom look with these unique and fab ideas!

This Martinique Tropical Wallcovering was made famous dressing the walls at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It exudes Old Hollywood, and not only do the jewel tones ooze luxury, the naturalistic design is perfect for home with a Vintage Style. Choose this wallcovering for a breakfast nook or dining room, or go with a similar style for a formal living room.

c600x401 Adding Interest to Your Walls


Black and White Wallcoverings are definitely a favorite for those who love to accent with pops of color. The B&W Wallcoverings allow for mixing and matching with color and furniture. This Papyrus Fan Wallcovering sets the mood for a fun and eclectic space, while the Trellis creates a symmetrical and soothing pattern, perfect for a more sophisticated yet modern space.

c600x435 Adding Interest to Your Walls


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Secrets To Your Own Spa

Posted under Bathrooms by on June 6, 2014

We’ve seen the glass enclosures that double as Showers & Saunas, but we have not seen a Secret Hidden Sauna! This idea is not only fabulous, it also doubles as your secret hideaway. The wallpaper plays a major role as it helps camouflage and conceal your steamy little secret.

When you have your shower, your bathtub, sink, and throw a sauna into the mix, these wet areas deserve a little more attention to detail on the floor. You do not want to cover up your bathroom floor with bathmats, so be sure to use a small Mosaic Tile on the floor for extra grip so you won’t slip! Ask our Designers about our Mosaic Tiles, from Simplistic to Specialty Designs, we can help you achieve this look for less!

With this Sauna Idea, you have your own Secret Spa that will help you not only relax, your skin will look and feel younger too. Take the time to take care of yourself, and with the harsh sun and dry weather that summertime brings, your skin will thank you later!

c600x543 Secrets To Your Own Spa


49425053 Secrets To Your Own Spa
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The Perks of a Staycation

Posted under Fashion, Travel, Food & Wine by on June 4, 2014

Summertime means taking a break from the mundane and recharging your battery, especially after a pretty harsh winter over most of the U.S. Take advantage of your vacation days, as some employers offer them, but if you don’t use them they will simply go to waste if unused before the end of the year. If the budget is a little tight this summer, take a few days off and explore your own city or state with a Staycation! Not only will you be saving money, you and yours truly can enjoy each other’s company on an adventure or relish in some much needed R&R. The perks of a Staycation are almost too good to pass up:

c600x372 The Perks of a Staycation
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1. Break out the maps. Whether you stay local in your city or venture off to a new place in your state, map out where you’d like to go, and what you’d like to see the old fashioned way by highlighting your routes.

2. Staying at home is a great money saver if you are staying in town, but even if you live in the countryside and would like to see what it would be like living by the ocean or experiencing the city life, look into Home Rental sites such as VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). You can expect to find homes and condos for rent by the night, week, or month!

3. Pack Light. Most likely you will be road tripping it to your destination, so make sure you have enough room for all your gear, especially if you are bringing your children along. Pack a small suitcase with the essentials, and if you are headed to the beach, lake, or river, your beach cover-ups can double as tops worn with shorts or pants. Bring just one hat, limited shoes, and don’t forget your SPF. You won’t need extra toiletries as the SPF will act as your moisturizer, lip balm, and even as shaving cream.

4. Bring your own Booze & Food. Bring a small cooler to be able to bring food and drinks out on your excursions. This will cut costs if you are in for a long road trip, and if your accommodations offer a fridge or full kitchen, you can stock up when you arrive at the local grocery store. The savings on cocktails alone will allow you to treat yourself to a meal out or indulge in another activity such as a massage or a kayak rental!

5. Journal Your Adventure. Whether you are the photographer in the family, or enjoy writing down your thoughts, you can combine the two in journaling your experience. This whole Staycation is about making memories, and the best memories are not always made on a beach in Maui, they can be made in your own backyard. From the s’mores toasting at the campfire to the new experience of downtown living, this Staycation may in fact become a tradition. Why not create a keepsake for the years to come?

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Sea & Be Seen

Posted under Kitchens by on June 2, 2014

As summertime approaches, the beaches are filled with sun worshipers and swimmers. Whether you catch the surf or not, you cannot help but feel like you belong there. In the sea that is. Take this inspiration home with you by embracing a life under the sea, and at the seashore.

This modernized coastal kitchen design combines natural beauty with all that sparkles. The golden orb pendants are reminiscent of vintage scuba diving helmets that catch a glimpse of life under the sea. From mermaids frolicking in the seaweed to hidden treasures, this design embraces a life that so many of us wonder about. The mottled grey backsplash tile takes on a shell like appearance, while the tracery on the upright cabinets resembles fish scales and bubbles. The warm and golden accents are reflective and inviting, just like the sun dancing on the water. By tying in these unique pieces, you take a piece of the ocean home with you.

c600x480 Sea & Be Seen


98593679 Sea & Be Seen106704862 Sea & Be Seen103299124 Sea & Be Seen110296941 Sea & Be Seen110963140 Sea & Be Seen110665262 Sea & Be Seen
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