A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

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Children’s Bathrooms can be a little tricky to design, and it boils down to three questions.

1.) How many bathrooms do you have?  2.) Do you make the bathroom unisex?  3.) Will the children grow out of the style?

If you have only one bathroom for a whole family you can also consider the fact that a little paint goes a long way.  If you keep your bathroom neutral with the tile, flooring, and fixtures, you can incorporate a specific color by painting items such as the vanity, mirror, and additional pieces such as a footstool, vanity bench, and even your towel hooks!  If you have only one bathroom, I would opt for a color that the whole family could live with.  If you have an option for a children’s bathroom, but it also seconds as a guest bathroom, consider the same option.

If you have all boys or all girls, the color selection may be easier, but choosing colors that are unisex are always safer.  Incorporating Blue, Green, or Yellow elements can also be considered unisex.  I love the shades and tints of Blue, since Blue signifies water, purity, cleanliness, and creates a calming effect….especially when you are giving your child a night time bath, this color will help them unwind and get ready for bed.

Instead of incorporating Barbie or Superman in your design, choose a style that will suit the rest of your home.  Choose a vanity and mirror to paint that can be tied into a Contemporary style if it will complement the rest of your home.  Besides, will your 16 year old appreciate the Superman color scheme, towels and toohbrush holder when his friends are over?  Consider longevity, but also remember that the items you have painted can also be painted a different color down the road!

c600x421 A Little Paint Goes a Long Way


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Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Posted under Mosaic Tiles by on November 1, 2013
Picture 211 300x287 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Carrara and Bardiglio Basketweave Tile
Lagos Azul Accent

Want to know the ins & outs of great tile installations?  Just look at the ins & outs of basketweave mosaics.

These cleverly cut mosaics inventively replicate the look of dimensional, intertwined woven baskets in intricately arranged stone pieces.  These mosaics add interest and texture to floors and walls, gently incorporating accented and detailed configurations without fussing with too many colorways.

They’re classic, too…hip enough to blend with contemporary decor yet traditional enough to fit right in a retro remodel.  The look is versatile, the material is durable and the style is enduring.

Mission Stone & Tile in Nashville, Tennessee is offering a vast array of basketweave mosaic selections starting at  just $8.99/sq ft. Mission’s blends run the gamut from rustic earthy tones to sleek, sophisticated black-and-white patterns.  The potential looks and uses are nearly endless.

Picture 271 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Basket Weave Mosaics- Affordable at Mission Stone Tile


Want to see basketweaves in their ‘natural habitats’?  Here are some installation ideas from across the nation to offer inspiration if you’re considering becoming a ‘basket case’.

Picture 201 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Carrara with Black Dot Basket Weave Mosaic Tile Flooring

Picture 192 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic TileSophisticated, clean & timeless…

This gorgeous bathroom installation gives basketweave mosaics the floor…literally.  A sleek black-and-white combination is a suitable foundation for this modern, fresh and spacious master bath retreat.  See more of this beautiful home here.

Picture 37 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Use Basketweave for a Mosaic Rug Accent Panel

Picture 52 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic TileBasketweave mosaics cut a rug…

Here a basketweave mosaic is used in a rug configuration to create a focal point in front of a lovely clawfoot tub.  The classic black-and-white basketweave stone is edged by a simple black mosaic liner to delineate the look, creating the desired rug affect and adding great interest to this classy bath.  See more of this story on the Coco Cozy blog.

Picture 74 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

The art of basketweaving…

Here’s another idea for basketweave mosaics.  These textural, dimensional patterns offer nice accents and great touches in the kitchen.  This upscale homeowner designed an almost artwork-like backdrop for the stovetop, framed with a liner amidst coordinating field tiles.  See more here.

Picture 91 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Make a splash—a backsplash, that is…

Of course, few things update a kitchen like a tile backsplash, and a basketweave backsplash is a real trendsetter.  Basketweave mosaics come in a wide variety of colors and combinations, so you’ll easily find the right match for popular granite countertops.  Look at more fun kitchen ideas on the Your Nest Design blog.

Picture 261 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

BasketWeave- Spain Grey/White Dot

Picture 103 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Get floored by basketweave mosaics…

Because basketweave mosaics come on mesh-backed sheets, they’re surprisingly simple to install.  Even around curved lines and cabinet corners, basketweaves can work right in.  Superior installers can make amazing canvases with these unique patterns, as you can see in this stunningly curvy kitchen.

Go vintage with basketweave mosaics…

Picture 181 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

We love the look of this bathroom that pays homage to the home’s time period in a thoroughly modern translation.  The basketweave mosaic ‘rug’ is a lovely focal point and a fun contrast to the buoyant sea spray blue wall tiles.  Married with crisp black accent tiles, black cabinets and white surfaces, this installation is quite memorable.

Picture 231 Get Floored with Basketweave Mosaic Tile

Convinced yet?  Basketweave mosaics are great additions to your home, no matter the size or style of your space.  And with Mission Stone & Tile’s current special on a seemingly endless selection of basketweaves to chose from, you have the perfect  opportunity to weave in these beautiful mosaics wherever you’d like.  See the full offering at the Mission Stone & Tile website today!


This post was professionally researched, and written by Irene Williams.  Contact her at Irene@workwriting.net

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Design Comes Full Circle

Posted under Bathrooms, Tile Choices by on October 29, 2013

Interlocking mosaics in Crema Marfil Mosaics encircle your spaces in a kaleidoscope of natural style.

Come around to Mission Stone & Tile.

Design Come Full Circle Design Comes Full Circle

Interlocking Circles Mosaic Tile

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Octagon Frenzy

In the Design world, wallcoverings never really went away, but they have come back bigger and better after the 70′s & 80′s slump where Corduroy and paint blotch repeats were all the rage.  Hello world, the only thing fabulous that came out in the 80′s was the Brick Mobile Phone (which a British cellular company is still trying to bring back).  Do not be fooled, there are only some great things to pay homage to from an older decade, like fashion and design. Besides, how did girls back then fit the Brick into their Chanel clutch?

This space pays homage to the Mid-Century era and even French Rococo with these elegant dining chairs, but the most spectacular puzzle piece that glues this space together is the Octagon Wallcovering.  The geometric design combined with Black, White & Grey allows for an eclectic design that makes me swoon!  When you adore so many styles inspired by different eras, it is appropriate to choose a neutral wallcovering that can create harmony between the different pieces and bring your space up to date.

You do not need to go covering every wall with a wallcovering, but you can keep harmony by repeating the pattern or shape like the Octagon.  Choose an Octagon Mosaic for your bathroom or kitchen to unite the two spaces.  You can do so with color, shape, or pattern. Octagons are a playful shape, so go on an Octagon Frenzy or find the wallcovering that best suits your style!

c600x483 Octagon Frenzy


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Luxury Tile Giveaway-Winners Announced for Hex Appeal, Curve Appeal, Half-Baked, or Imperial Trellis

Posted under Sales & Giveaways by on October 29, 2013

Our contest is complete, and we are excited to announce that YOU are the winner! 

If you didn’t know about our Luxury Tile Giveaway we had last week, you can read about it here.  And don’t worry…you can still take part.

We do have a winner of the 40 sf, and congratulations goes to Christopher Burdick of Lake Worth, FL.  He chose the White Hex Appeal, and we can’t wait to see what he does with it!


But, in the meantime…about that part where you are the winner….  The crowd favorite was our Hex Appeal Tile- White/Basalt.  See the advertisement below for the special pricing for that mosaic during the month of November.  Not to worry…the other tiles are also on sale.  You can purchase the Curve Appeal Tiles, the Imperial Trellis, and the Half Baked, for 20% off, during the month of November.


white hexagon winner email blast2 Luxury Tile Giveaway Winners Announced for Hex Appeal, Curve Appeal, Half Baked, or Imperial Trellis

Luxury Tile Winner Announced


A Country Halloween

Posted under Decor and Inspiration, Fashion, Travel, Food & Wine, Holiday by on October 26, 2013

It is the last weekend to get all of your DIY Halloween Projects complete before the ghouls and gals arrive!  I love the idea of a Country Halloween for two reasons, it offers traditional Halloween Decor & you can incorporate the Fall Decor into Thanksgiving!

Your entryway is the first impression, so if you aren’t into scaring the beejezus out of your guests, then opt for a Pumpkin lined pathway with hay and corn stalk accents!  A Square Fall Foliage Wreath is something you can easily create with all the beautiful Fall Leaves in your yard, and the painted pumpkins with your house number and city & state location add a sweet little Country touch!

For your Halloween Soiree, these Witch Silhouette Cupcakes bring that traditional flair to the table, as well as these adorable Candied Apple & Twigs!  With the rest of the Fall Foliage you have collected, bring out the decoupage and brush some pretty leaves on top of white or grey pumpkins to add to the tablescape.  You can keep these pumpkins for your Thanksgiving Decor around the fireplace or even add to your entryway for a pretty and colorful setting.

c600x413 A Country Halloween


94002744 A Country Halloween94002742 A Country Halloween94002746 A Country Halloween
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