Covered In Jewels

Posted under Color Trends by on May 21, 2014

There is nothing more powerful than a striking color, on your walls. This jewel toned Peacock Blue is not only SJP’s favorite hue, it is so eye-catching that this designer layered on the lacquer and painted the trim all the same. The light reflecting quality of the glossy lacquer makes this jewel tone shine, and looks amazing with similar hues in the same saturation, such as Canary Yellow and Fuschia as accents.

The hallway of doors covered in an Ikat Wallpaper pop when the trim is painted in the same Peacock Blue, and who needs shades when this color frames the windows with perfection. Introduce Peacock Blue in your home with accessories, furniture, or go for the gusto and splash it on your walls!

c600x334 Covered In Jewels


c600x334 Covered In Jewels


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Adding Character with Sliding Barn Doors

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on May 19, 2014

Adding special architectural touches to your home will add character, texture, and even act as a focal point. Sliding Barn Doors add all three of these touches, even when you least expect it. Like Pocket Doors, Sliding Barn Doors take up less space without a door swing, and can be multifunctional.

Whether you want to divide a space, or enclose a pantry or closet, Sliding Barn doors add character and easy functionality. These examples showcase these sliding doors from rustic to sleek and modern in style. From an entryway to the bathroom, or sliding Glass Barn Doors, these doors are perfect for small spaces. Keeping track of lists, or what’s for dinner, painting the sliding door with Chalkboard Paint is decorative and useful. In your office or playroom for the kids, adhere a tackable surface to the doors which makes it accessible for showcasing children’s artwork, or your work papers!

c600x733 Adding Character with Sliding Barn Doors


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Summer Blues

Posted under Glass Tile Mosaics by on May 14, 2014

Cool off with these Summer Blues ideas for your kitchen backsplash, accent tile, or bathroom wall tile! Not to mention glass tiles are easy to clean, the color options are limitless. Go for blue as a the neutral and pop of color in your space, and keep everything else such as cabinetry and accessories simple white. Adding metallic accessories or other pops of color will compliment the blue, and keep your space vibrant and fresh by changing them by season or mood. Ask us about our Glass Collections, and you’ll be one step closer to checking your spring projects off your list before Summertime!

c600x755 Summer Blues


108258081 Summer Blues

60540688 Summer Blues

Home decor

60540625 Summer Blues

Home decor

94023407 Summer Blues

Hexagon Mosaics
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Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on May 12, 2014

After discovering a few tips on a good night’s sleep thanks to Apartment Therapy, I realized 4 out 5 of the reasons I have been having a poor night’s sleep are due to my own boudoir. Here are a few tips and tricks on why your boudoir may be keeping you awake counting sheep.

c600x515 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake


86192189 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake97907367 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake107433980 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake98284880 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake106806956 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake71836276 Top 5 Reasons Your Boudoir is Keeping You Awake

1.) Allergies. It is springtime, and the pollen count is high in most areas of the US. Some of us are blessed without an allergic reaction, meanwhile the rest of us suffer from headaches, stuffiness, and red eyes to name a few of the most common allergic reactions. If you are experiencing these reactions while trying to sleep, try on these ideas for size. By vacuuming your bedroom with a HEPA filter will help eliminate dust mites and pollen in your carpet and bedding. Also try a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil in your laundry, and pop your pillows in the dryer for 15 minutes to kill any mites or critters. Hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers will also help alleviate allergies.

2.) Too Much Light. If there is too much outside light from exterior fixtures, your TV is left on, or your alarm clock fills your room with green light like the Emerald City, it’s all keeping you awake. Be sure to set your TV on a sleep timer before you start to snooze, cover your alarm clock with a wash cloth, and please pick up some black out drapes from Target. Keeping the light at bay will help you get back in the swing of sleeping soundly.

3.) Temperature. You fall into your REM cycle when your body temperature is at it’s resting rate, and being too hot or too cold for that matter can screw it all up.  I am desperately wanting to buy a cooling gel mattress or mattress topper to help alleviate being too hot. If you can control the temperature in your room you are in luck, but also remember to not turn the heat up too high either! In the spring and summer be sure to pack away the down comforter, as this will trap the heat. Opt for breathable cotton sheets and blankets to keep you cool.

4.) Noise. Whether you need to drown out the city noise or break the silence of a too quiet room, use a sound machine next to your bed or turn on the fan. I actually use both, and not only does the fan help cool me down, the sound machine sounds like waves are crashing outside my window. It may be difficult to get use to at first, but if you keep the sound machine on really low, it becomes sweet white noise.

5.) Mattress Issues. Discomfort is one the main factors to a poor night’s sleep, and without the proper support your body needs, it makes it hard to get comfortable. Be sure you flip your mattress with the seasons, and if you need help getting on the same page as your partner, I’ve heard some couples love the Sleep Number beds. The memory foam is favorite of mine, but some people prefer sleeping on a bed hard as a rock. Whatever floats your boat, and get you sleeping.

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Room with a View

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on May 10, 2014

If your home had an amazing view like this one, what room what you would want to share it with? The dining room is an unusual prospect, but what is more tantalizing than dinner on top of the world like this space? The simplicity of the architecture really hones in on the indoor/outdoor vibe.

The furnishings are also simplistic and Modern with the Saarinen dining table, and artichoke pendants that look like orbs floating in the sky. This peaceful and relaxing space called for a little more than expected with the artichoke pendants, after all, even though these pieces are fabulous, that million dollar view steals the show. Keep an open mind about your surroundings, and discover that when you let the light in, possibilities are endless.

c600x405 Room with a View


75793224 Room with a View108131711 Room with a View
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Eye Catching Backsplash: all the little details

Posted under Backsplash Tile by on May 8, 2014

Creating a focal point in your kitchen is easy to do with two simple changes: 1.) Mosaic Backsplash & 2.) Floating Shelves. These two quintessential items can transform your space by creating interest with either Glass Strips or Bricks, or a mosaic that offers a unique pattern.

By having the mosaic run from counter to ceiling, this gives you another opportunity for showcasing items you love or everyday glassware or dishes on floating shelves. You can also use focal point lighting to really make this space sparkle and dazzle! I love Iridescent Glass Mosaics for the sparkle factor. Whether you have focal point lighting, or enough natural light in your kitchen, the glass will shimmer and create a dimensional effect. If you choose a unique patterned mosaic, opt for one that compliments the rest of your decor, whether it is made of stone or glass, be sure the style does not conflict with the rest of your home. Ask our Design Team which Mosaic will work best in your space!

c600x332 Eye Catching Backsplash: all the little details


57454331 Eye Catching Backsplash: all the little details84901462 Eye Catching Backsplash: all the little details109262734 Eye Catching Backsplash: all the little details
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