Spring Fever for Fashion

Posted under Fashion, Travel, Food & Wine by on March 20, 2014

In honor of the first day of Spring, we bring you the latest Spring Fashion must haves! White and shades of Pink are everywhere, so embrace your feminine and airy side and go with the flow. This pink chiffon top paired with white lacy shorts are perked up with a chain belt, rosette sandals, and J Crew inspired chandelier earrings. This weekend outfit is perfect for a stroll in the park, but if you are attending a garden party this season go for a floral print!

This exaggerated sweetheart neckline is sweet and flirty paired with a leather belt and coordinating wedges. Add a little bling to your neck with this blossom statement necklace, and you’ll be set for the party or a picnic in the park. Now that Spring Fever has set in, not only are these fab finds affordable, you can wear them into Summer!

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Spring Colors: Radiant Orchid & Hemlock

Posted under Color Trends by on March 18, 2014

Spring is almost upon us, and thinking of lighter and brighter decor will make the sun shine in your own home! While the Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid is lovely on it’s own, accompanied with Hemlock Mint, R.O. looks positively stunning.

Thanks to Cynthia Rowley, this living space is my inspiration for Springtime. Whether you simply mix furniture and decor with these two colors, or splash Hemlock on the wall with R.O. accessories, the options are light and bright. Patterns and texture also play into this color combination. From textured glass to floral prints, the mixture of contemporary and vintage finds also make this space updated and refreshing!

c600x528 Spring Colors: Radiant Orchid & Hemlock


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Mosaic home decor

93685651 Spring Colors: Radiant Orchid & Hemlock

Antique white furniture

99367855 Spring Colors: Radiant Orchid & Hemlock

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St. Patrick’s Day Shindig

Posted under Holiday by on March 12, 2014

Whether you are going to host a St. Patrick’s Day Party or throw a little shindig for your family, these adorable finds from Etsy.com can be purchased or inspire you to make your own St. Patrick’s Day crafts! Going with an Emerald & Gold theme, these gold sprinkle lollies are too cute to hand out as favors.

Paper straws have been all the rage, and these Gold Chevron Straws can be used for other Spring & Summer parties in the future. Get inspired on Pinterest & Etsy for crafts to make at home, and these white chocolate dipped fortune cookies are oh so sweet and easy to make! Between making a Paper Garland and your own cookies or lollies this weekend, just keep in mind the more you craft and make, the more you will discover about your crafting skills! Ideas come from inspiration, so start with these little lucky ideas and let your creativity shine!

St. Patricks Day edited St. Patricks Day Shindig

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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

Posted under Color Trends by on March 10, 2014

There is a certain je ne sais quois about women in France. Their love of life, art, and fashion is enviable. Embrace the French lifestyle with their bright Spring hues, and when life hands you lemons, make a gin & tonic. Most French women do not sit around moping and waiting for things to happen, they seize the day!

These bright yellows and pastel blues meld together so beautifully, it reminds me of the French Riviera. The sunshine, the smell of citrus and ocean breezes are intoxicating, and I cannot imagine a more perfect color combination for your Spring wardrobe, and to brighten up your home!

c600x490 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic


98263591 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

101967011 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

89291241 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

Giclee wall art

99353667 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

98271223 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

74599480 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin & Tonic

Riva Del Mar
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Spring Attic Project

Posted under Porcelain Tiles by on March 7, 2014

Since Spring is for cleaning, why not clean out that attic space and make room for your children’s play area? During those rainy spring days or future hot summer scorchers, your children will need to retreat inside. This revived attic space donned with playful paint and wallcoverings even has a fun and adventurous way to enter through the sliding barn doors!

For easy cleanup go for Porcelain Flooring, and if you want to stick with the rustic yet classic look, choose our Wood Plank Porcelains. They can handle even the roughest playtime, and stand up to the abuse of Crayons. Be sure to choose bright and playful colors, and who knows when the children grow up, this fun attic space could be turned into a family movie room!…Or your own private retreat.

c600x283 Spring Attic Project


102526173 Spring Attic Project
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Get Your Garden On

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on March 3, 2014

While many of us are still living in the deep freeze, thaw out with these Succulent Garden Ideas! Succulents are hardy plants that can survive in some of the warmest climates, and they are becoming more popular due to their almost “drought-proof” characteristic.

Not only do succulents require minimal care, their organic and beautiful shapes and colors make for amazing potted plants too! Between taking an old dresser or fountain, and turning them into botanical succulent gardens, the creative ideas are endless!

Whether you have a small patch of earth between your home and the walk way or plenty of space, you can discover the different species and heights that succulents offer. When planting a garden, you want to plant your highest growing plants in the back, and then stagger the low-lying plants in front. This inset table arrangement is perfect for all summer long, and depending on where you live, these succulents could last a lifetime!

You can also take some clippings of succulents from your friend’s yard, and then plant in a pot at your house and watch them grow! You can create modern and beautiful potted or planted arrangements with succulents, and the plus is they just may weather the storms.

c600x367 Get Your Garden On


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