Top Ten Kitchen Backsplashes 2013

Many of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens on a daily basis, we prepare meals for our families and we entertain in our kitchens.  Your Kitchen Backsplash is an area that you will see everyday, so why not have an awesome backsplash that you will enjoy day in and day out?  There are endless options out there on the market, but depending on your style and your personality, the run of the mill options may not work for you!  We have accumulated your Top Ten Kitchen Backsplash List for 2013, and there is everything from simplistic designs to unique and contemporary options.

1.)  Subway Tile Style

Subway Tile is a classic, yet simplistic Ceramic Tile that works in just about every style of home.  Whether you have a farm house, or live in the big city, Subway Tile comes in many different color glazes, as well as shiny and matte options.  We recommend shiny glazes in your kitchen for easy maintenance, but sometimes that matte finish looks amazing in the right color for a contemporary look.  You can also create many different patterns with Subway Tile such as the classic offset, install them in the Herringbone pattern, or soldier stack them vertically for a more modern effect.

Subway Tile used to represent the standard 3″x6″ Brick shaped tile. Nowadays, the definition has coming to include many varieties of brick shapes, in a variety of rectangles.  There are long and lean subway styles, like our Adex- Neri 2×8 Subway, and our US Ceramics 3×6 Ice White Subway.  Subway is even offered with a beveled edge.   If you are feeling particularly gutsy, try subway tile in Chartreuse for a ton of WOW.

White Subway Tile


2.) Glass Mosaics  

Glass Mosaics are always a glimmering choice, and look amazing on one entire wall in your kitchen!  Our Groovy Stixx are a contemporary selection, and also look especially cool when added to a larger format glass installation.  Whether you combine this Glass Mosaic with another format, or take it up the wall, the added effect is the shimmer you will achieve with lighting.  Under cabinet lighting is nice way to achieve a little glimmer and ambiance.

Glass Stixx - Peace Man Peace - Mission Stone and Tile


3.)  Large Format Glass

Large Format Glass Backsplashes look flawless and create the illusion of a solid surface.  If you love the idea of bringing your countertop up as your backsplash, but not fond of the variation of stone or some quartz materals, then you will enjoy the solid and contemporary look of Large Format Glass.  Not only is the larger glass more reflective, it creates an almost seamless and sleek appearance.

Large Format Glass - Mission Stone and Tile

4.)  Artisan Tile

If you are looking for wall art, and not shy of color or pattern, then you will drool over some of these handmade Artisan Tiles.  Our Kibak Collection offers patterns that are Moroccan, Spanish Traditional to Modern and Contemporary designs.  If you want a beautiful mural or naturalistic scape as your Kitchen Backsplash, then Kibak is your answer!

Kibak Weave Tile - Halyard Hand Painted Tile - Mission Stone and Tile


5.)  Mixed Medium

No we aren’t talking about Mediums who speak to the dead, but we are talking about mixing up your materials!  Our  Marble Collection offers Mosaics that combine Stone, Glass, and Stainless Steel.  These beautiful designs can take on any classic or contemporary design, adding elegance and appeal to your space.  You can opt for a mixed medium Mosaic already created, or create your own by adding sparkle with a Stainless Steel Mosaic and Large Format Stone tiles like this Kitchen Backsplash.

Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tiles - Mission Stone and Tile


6.)  Beveled Arabesque

The romantic Beveled Arabesque is a classic shape that can accompany any traditional or contemporary home that needs that extra pop of something special.  Offered in shades of whites, greys, to warmer earth tones, this graceful tile is one of my favorite Kitchen Backsplash designs year after year.

Beveled Arabesque - Mission Stone and Tile


7.)  Chevron Heaven

The Chevron design has proven itself to be more than just a trend, and still reinvents itself time after time.  Whether you enjoy the high contrast in color, or subtle white and light grey tones, the Kibak Weave and several Mosaic Tile options can help you incorporate this playful pattern in your home!

Kibak Weave Tile - Mission Stone and Tile

8.)  Mirror Tile

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, you are the fairest of them all!  I love this Mirrored Versailles Tile, and opens up your kitchen space like nothing else.  This antiqued look works for your older home, or brand new swanky space for an eclectic design!  Not only will people oooh and ahhh over this reflective look, it surely adds unique interest to your kitchen.

Mirrored Accents - Mission Stone and Tile


9.)  Dimensional Tile

Go for the Dimensional Tile if you love to play with mood lighting, and love the look and feel of textural tile.  There are many Geometric  patterns to choose from, but I love the look of this Fretwork Dimensional Tile.  You can think outside the box and go for a soft wave to create a more naturalistic look, and when you add colorful lighting to the mix, you will feel like you are in a 5 Star restaurant!

Geometric - Tile


10.)  Make a Statement

Finally, whatever material you decide on for your backsplash, you can always make a Statement with a Bold Color or interesting texture.  This Zellige Glazed Terra Cotta Tile offers an ancient way of making tile, and bringing it to 2013.  The amazing colors that are created when the Terra Cotta tiled is fired is something that cannot be found at Home Depot.  This Kitchen Backsplash not only creates a wow! factor, you also have the shimmering texture that plays with the light in your space.

Terra Cotta - Mission Stone and Tile



11).  Curve Appeal

Curve Appeal doesn’t have to be only from the street.   These playful scallop shapes are wonderful for your kitchen backplash, and available in both stone and hand made artisan Tiles.


Curve Appeal - Bianco Carrara - Mission Stone and Tile

Curve Appeal Mini in Bianco Carrara



Now that we have narrowed down your options please stop by our Nashville and Chattanooga Design Showrooms where we can help you envision your new Kitchen Backsplash!  We have many Kitchen Backsplash ideas, that you can touch and feel at Mission Stone Tile Chattanooga (55 East Main Street Chattanooga, TN 37409) and in Nashville, TN as well.  Call us today for an appointment.  1-877-529-8453

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