Make Every Day Earth Day

Posted under Decor and Inspiration, Holiday by on April 22, 2013

In honor of Earth Day, today I dare you to take 5 seconds to think about how your actions are impacting our planet.  Taking care of our planet is as easy as taking care of your home.  Earth is after all just that, our home.  Being mindful of what you waste vs. what you could reuse or recycle is as easy as brushing your teeth.  Just as you clean up any trash that spilled from the raccoon raid the night before,this is the same conscientiousness you need to preserve for when you are on the sidewalk downtown.

There are many ways besides cleaning up after yourself that you can help restore and prevent damage to our Earth.  A major issue is Recycling, not just in our homes, but in offices where bundles of paper are wasted daily.  If we can all make an effort to Recycle, we can make an effort to Repurpose or Reuse items.  This reduces waste, and I invite you to explore Free Cycle in your neighborhood!  This is an invite only community that is basically like Craigslist, but instead of putting an item up for sale, you ask your community to come and pick up the item you wish to get rid of.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Another way you can take action is to plant a tree!  Trees act as natural air conditioners for the Earth, and if you purchase a Tree from the Arbor Day Foundation, your proceeds will help American forests and neighborhoods that have been affected by natural disasters.  While we all live and breathe on this planet, it is our duty to keep our home safe and healthy.  Happy Earth Day!

Mission Stone and Tile

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