Let’s Get Funky

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on January 25, 2013

Why live primarily in a safe atmosphere?  We aren’t talking daggers and swords, just a little funk and artistic inspiration to live your life in an asymmetrical perspective.  While symmetry can be beautiful, the imperfect characteristics of nature are also beautiful.

Don’t be afraid of reaching out to your “artsy side”, let it scream!  The therapeutic nature of creating or being in a space that offers an artistic and vibrant experience can be more vitalizing than your yoga class.  The same way your rosy cheeks appear after a vigorous workout, remind yourself of that energy by adding these accents to your bedroom!

Not only will these orange and red accents exhilarate you, introduce a playful pattern on the wall like this grey and white scaly wallpaper.  Instead of a color accent wall, go for a wallpaper that is fun and asymmetrical.  This reminds you that no one’s life is perfect, and no one’s beauty is symmetrical.

Kibak Wall Tile - Misison Stone and Tile

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