Do What You Love

We all have been down the path of discovering what we want out of life, and where our passions lie.  Some of us are still figuring it out, and some of us may not have encountered this obstacle.  Instead of looking at self discovery as an obstacle, embrace the fact that none of us truly have it figured out, but we can tell you what we like, and what we love.

Take this amazing bathroom for example.  This bathroom caught my eye because I love the Herringbone Pattern, and I love sharp contrasting details.  Then I got to wondering, who lives here?  Gwen Stefani?  Surely looks like her style, and if so, her Designer hit it on the head with this one!  Not only can you imagine this sweet pad as Gwen’s, you notice how the Designer paid attention to every detail which creates harmony, and incorporates the client’s interests and style.  This is Doing What You Love.

Whether you want to take on a project at home, or explore a new career, if you can sleep sound at night and wake up happy, you have discovered your path.  Not to say your passion will cause stress and headaches…it will, but despite the trouble effort  it takes to get there you will discover your time spent was worth it.  That is all that matters.

Marble - Herringbone - Mission Stone and Tile

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