DIY Designer Easter Eggs

Posted under Holiday by on March 26, 2015

Easter is around the corner, and there is nothing more fun than gathering the children for a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. These DIY Designer Easter Egg designs are more than creative, they are easy to create with the kids!

Pantone Dips: These Easter Eggs are little bit more for the Design minded adults, because why should the kids have all the fun? Simply Dip the eggs in the dye similar to your fave Pantone swatches, and write the color number in your trusty Sharpie pen.

Sharpies for Days: Keep that Sharpie pen handy, and break out all your favorite Sharpie pens for this high contrast Easter Egg Design. Draw a tribal pattern or your favorite geometric design, and if your children are trust worthy little creators, let them come up with their own little pattern!

Watercolor Dreamland: There is nothing dreamier than the soft strokes of watercolor, and on your Easter Eggs? Sure, why not! Your child may even have a few watercolor sets laying around, and this easy and less messy option is perfect for all your Spring related designs.

Easter Eggs


Ombre is for Type A: If you are a color master, then get your dye ready to create one pretty little masterpiece. This Ombre Easter Egg design looks oh so pretty in pink, but Violet or Blue would also be a nice touch! Line this design up in a row in classic egg cups for a sweet little Easter centerpiece!

I Want the Golden Egg Daddy!: Go ahead, let Veruca Salt loose on these gilded Easter Egg Designs! Pick up some gold leaf and create these trendy designs, or completely cover your eggs in gold! Give Easter the Midas Touch with these pretty little golden eggs.

Designer Eggs


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POP of Color In Your Kitchen

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on March 23, 2015

By adding a POP of Color in your kitchen, you may be enticed to spend a little more time there! Appetizing colors like red and green go a long way as an accent.  Add these alluring colors to your base cabinets or even on the floor! These bright pops of color activate our senses, and draw us into the space. Whether you are hungry or not, this appetizing Kelly Green color sure hits the spot.

To hit it right on the money, ask our Design Team how you can incorporate a pop of color in your kitchen. Whether you would like to embrace the ombre look on your kitchen floor, or find a complimentary backsplash or floor tile that will look great with your colored cabinets. There is no limit to the shapes or sizes we offer in colored tile options, and you can get a head start by shopping at our online store for that special POP of color right now!
kelly green cabinets, interior design-Mission Stone Tile
wood tiles, kelly green flooring-Mission Stone Tile

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Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted under Top Ten Lists by on March 20, 2015

As we welcome Springtime, we also welcome the renewal of life. Get a fresh start by getting rid of clutter with our Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips. Keeping life simple in a world of chaos is the main ingredient to leading a happy life. Once you de-clutter your life and home, you will have more time to enjoy the things you live for. Use these Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips as a Checklist for useful tips for getting the job done. Get your gloves and Goodwill bags ready, and get started on some Spring Cleaning!

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips-Mission Stone Tile


1. Closet Wars: If you have not worn it in a year, give it away. Sure, seasons change and you will not wear a turtleneck in the middle of summer (unless you are Diane Keaton). If you did not break it out when the snow was on the ground, chances are you never will. Start a “give away” pile, and enjoy all that extra space!

2. Clothes Swap: Before you head to the Goodwill, call up your girlfriends and get them started on cleaning out their closets too! Host a Clothes Swap at your home, and you will not be tempted to go shopping with all that extra space in your closet. Your signifcant other and wallet will thank you. When the Clothes Swap is over, gather up all the unwanted articles and donate them to Goodwill or a local women’s shelter.

3. Kitchen Clutter: Just like that turtleneck, if you have not used that whirly twirly peeler 300, chances are you are not going to be slicing up any cucumber ribbons anytime soon. Gather up unused kitchen items, and even bring them to the Clothes Swap! Kitchen items, books, and children’s clothes are great items to bring to someone else’s attention, as they may be in the mood to attempt a Martha Stewart creation with that peeler of yours.

4. Household Cleaners: If you have a layer of dust on some magic cleaners that promise to get out carpet stains, but somehow actually make them worse…then do not be fooled twice. Toss the household cleaners that do not work, and consolidate them to one bin or shelf. Natural products are better for the environment, and most of them are easier on your skin too. Inexpensive cleaners such as rubbing alcohol and white vinegar work wonders on glass or kitchen countertops.

5. Garages are for Cars: Is your car parked outside because your garage is now home to clutter? Go through those Christmas decorations and gallons paint, and get rid of items you do not need or ever use. Put up some shevles for items that you need accessible, and organize and store decor and seasonal items in bins.

6. Makeup for Days: Not every girl wakes up in the morning looking like a million bucks. Some of us need a little help with tired eyes or uneven skin tones, and thanks to some coverup and mascara we can face the world. The keyword there was “some” coverup. I know I have a couple of shades on makeup or concealer on hand depending on how pale or tan I am at the moment, but toss old makeup or colors that never worked for you. Toss mascara and lipgloss after a few months too. Anything that has a wand that touches your eyes or mouth should either be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or thrown away after a few months.

7. Recycle: What are you saving those plastic bags or bottles for? Stop hoarding those bags or bottles, and place them in the recycling bin. So many materials such as fabric for clothing, the tile on your backsplash, your kitchen spoon, and even your sneakers may be made from recycled materials. Do the ocean, the soil, and your feet a favor by recycling.

8. Dust off those Winter Blues: Seriously. Grab the Swiffer and go to town on your shelves, picture frames, and your ceiling fans! Dust accumulates on almost anything, and can affect the air quality of your home. Ceiling fans are a big dust collector, and they can also be weighed down by dust and not function properly. You will be thankful for a clean fan in the summer months.

9. Get your mind out of the Gutter: Get your air ducts, laundry vents, and gutters cleaned out. If you did not get to it this past Fall, then the accumulation of leaves and debris will have your home functioning poorly. Check your laundry vents to make sure they are screened off from critters. Bugs and rodents are back and would love to bask in all the warmth in your cozy home, so be sure to check your window screens and seals too.

10. Deep Freeze: It is time to chip away all the freezer burn off your frozen foods. If your food is covered in ice, it is not a “protective coating”. As much as it kills you to throw away uneaten food, it will not taste as it was intended if it has freezer burn. Same goes for items in your fridge: keep produce on the lower shelves where you will see it…not in your drawers. Sigh unseen is forgotten, and will go to waste. I like to use mason jars filled with a little water for some produce like herbs. Just like cut flowers, the herbs were living plants and need water to keep fresh.

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Pattern Play : Contrasting Mosaics on Your Bathroom Floor

Posted under Bathrooms by on March 16, 2015

Dive into a little pattern play with contrasting mosaics on your bathroom floor this Springtime! It is time to revamp your home while the warmer weather takes hold. Before you think too basic, think high contrasting mosaics on your bathroom floor that showcase a playful pattern. This playful pattern on the floor allows for light and bright fixtures, and a simplistic design on the walls.

With this no fuss design, your patterned floors add life to the space without the need for overdone accessories or artwork. The bathroom should be simplistic and clean, and these contrasting mosaics offer just that. You can opt for a contemporary, traditional or feminine, or modern pattern that will compliment the rest of your home. We offer a variety of whimsy to modern and structural patterned mosaics in various materials and finishes that will work best for your space. Ask our Design Team to help you select the best patterned design for your home!
hex appeal bathroom-Mission Stone Tile

Contrasting Mosaics, patterned floors-Mission Stone Tile


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Mission Accomplished : Have Your Space Featured!

Posted under Mission Accomplished- Makeover Stories by on March 10, 2015

Another Mission Accomplished by one of our happy online shoppers, and we have her space featured here! Isadora’s recent post on her Blog Re:Located Living features our Hex Appeal that she purchased from our online store. We love how the hexs look on her powder room floor, and how she paired this playful pattern with a simplistic white Subway Tile on the walls. Thank you for sharing Isadora, and if you have more home renovation projects in the works we would love to help! You can view more images of her Jewel Box Powder Room here.

Do you want your Mission Tile Installation to be featured on our Blog? Comment on this Blog Post if you are interested in having your space featured on our Blog & Social Media! We love hearing what your most favorite products are, and where you have them installed!
hex appeal powder room, subway tile-Mission Stone Tile

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Rustic Appeal with Our Wow Winter Wood Look

Posted under Porcelain Tiles by on March 3, 2015

If you are on the hunt for pieces with rustic appeal, we have done the research for you. This vintage lover’s dream come true is complete with our Wow Winter Wood Look tile for the ultimate rustic look. The reclaimed wood look is achieved with our Porcelain Wow Collection. Our porcelain wood tile is the perfect flooring option that will withstand all the harsh elements of winter.

The key to achieving this rustic look is ensuring you mix and match the appropriate pieces to create harmony. Once you have the flooring installed, you can complete the space with pieces such as a weathered leather tufted sofa and french country inspired throw pillows. If you shop at local vintage or thrift shops, look out for other rustic pieces like these vintage luggage trunks, or re-purposed pieces like this ottoman. Compliment the Wow Winter Wood tile with reclaimed wood accessories such as frames or clocks to hang on the walls. Light up the space with rustic Marquee Lights, and add a little bit of elegance with wood chandeliers. Keep an eye out for unique rustic pieces to compliment your style!
rustic appeal, wow wood look porcelain-Mission Stone Tile

Rustic Appeal, vintage furniture-Mission Stone Tile


Carnival lamp
$100 –

Sejour chain chandelier

Wooden frame
$49 –

Battery operated clock

Wooden home decor

Green accent pillow

Blue home decor

Nailhead sofa

Burlap ottoman

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