Home Renovation on Old Homes : Haunted or Not?

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on October 22, 2014

Are you sure you want to renovate? When Donna and Phil Stone bought this Colonial Revival in 1994 to convert it to an inn, little did they know they’d have a permanent guest; renovations on the 1898 Falmouth house kicked up a young female ghost. The Stones moved antiques from the attic to a guestroom, and the ghost—whom they dubbed “Ada”—went with them. Must have been her stuff. She has fancied moving workers’ tools, flushing toilets, pulling mirrors off the walls, and turning on the faucets. Guests have seen her, her taffeta gown wooshing down the halls.

If you are willing to take on the challenge, make sure you do your research! If you think it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus, check out The Whaley House in San Diego, CA.  Many hangings and suicidal deaths have occured in this haunted house, so to be sure to do your homework to ensure your old home was not the town’s courthouse or place of execution.

c600x701 Home Renovation on Old Homes : Haunted or Not?


Some other old homes such as the Winchester Mystery House are just haunted by one misguided soul who was alive when she had carpenters working around the clock on this Victorian Beauty. Staircases that lead to no where and doors that opened to nothing. Ms. Winchester also had gold plated dinners every night for her haunted guests. You can plan your visit to this house of mystery, but if you come upon an old home for sale, be sure to ask for all the records so you won’t run into any spooky surprises!

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Outdoor Fall Decor for All!

Posted under Holiday by on October 21, 2014

While many Halloween Decorations may be too scary for some of the younger Trick-or-Treaters, there are always fun and classic ways to decorate outdoors that won’t scare the friendliest ghost! While setting up your candy station outdoors to greet all the ghouls and goblins, this creative Pumpkin Campfire is adorable and may even give off a little heat. If you love hitting up Antique Shops, you can usually find a bowl of antique keys for pennies. Tack or hot glue these little beauties to your pumpkins to spell out FALL or create a Monogram Pumpkin for your doorstep.

Using your drill isn’t just for home projects, hollow out ghords and pumpkins and drill little patterns for a unique glow! The pretty Cinderella & Heirloom Pumpkins are a little tougher to carve than your usual pumpkin, but if you carve out the top, you can inlay a tealight for a Fall arrangement. All the little squash and pumpkins in the grocery and farmers markets look fab on a tablescape, but incorporate them into a wreath for a welcoming display. White pumpkins look oh so pretty when you add black or colored lace to them, just don’t forget to cover the lace with decoupage, and you are set for one pretty little pumpkin!

c600x400 Outdoor Fall Decor for All!


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Back to Black

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on October 16, 2014

Don’t be afraid of the dark. You will not need a nightlight to keep your mind at ease when you mix dark walls with a lot of light accents. These black walls in this formal living space looks chic and airy when mixed with white accents such as the fireplace, drapes, and seating arrangement. The best part about black walls is the sexy mood it creates, without the word dungeon coming to mind. No vampires here, just fabulous and happy people. While many are going back to black as the base, you can too with the right accessories and accent colors. The best part is you can change your accessories as often as you please based on the holidays!

c600x339 Back to Black


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LBT : Little Black Tile

Posted under Bathrooms by on October 15, 2014

We are really crushing on these Little Black Tile Floors for the bathroom! Mixed with white tile walls or Carrara Marble, this look is so classy and charming. Selecting a LBT for your bathroom flooring should be 4″ or smaller for Shower Floors, but if you select one LBT Mosaic that you can run into the shower, then the different sizes won’t break up the visual space.

We offer many LBT choices, from Penny Rounds, Basketweaves, Subways to Hexagons, ask us how you can achieve this look without breaking the bank. Get your home ready for the holidays with a classic look that you can coordinate with all your holiday decor!

c600x434 LBT :  Little Black Tile


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Lush DIY Autumn Decor

Posted under Holiday by on October 13, 2014

Decorating for Halloween is definitely a fun family affair, but I love including decor elements that can extend into November for Thanksgiving. These DIY Decor Ideas offer just that. If you do not intend on carving your pumpkins for Halloween, give them a new look by painting them gold or pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I love this arrangement of pink and fuschia flowers as well, and who said Fall is all about orange anyway?

Instead of a wreath on your front door, opt for a Wooden Chalkboard that you can update for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Add some fall foliage around the board, and you have instant Autumn Decor! If you are attending a Halloween party or Thanksgiving gathering, you can pick up some burlap sacks, cut the top off, and letter stencil on “Drink” or “Share”. Add some velvety ribbon, and you have a hostess gift that looks pretty and thoughtful. Another hostess gift that is simple enough would be these Wooden Stamped Coasters. You can purchase small log circles at your local craft store, or one of my go-to online boutiques Save-On-Crafts.com. All you have to do is sand the top of the coaster a little, and add a stamp or you could get really creative and hand paint a pretty little leaf. I would recommend sealing your artwork.

Most of all, Autumn Decor is about making your home cozy for the holidays. Light some cinnamon candles, add creamy neutrals and warm tones to your living space, and if you are feeling really crafty you could attempt a fall garland like this Magnolia Leaf Garland over the fireplace. These are simple and inexpensive DIY Autumn Decor Ideas that will surely please you and all of your guests for the upcoming holidays!

c600x425 Lush DIY Autumn Decor


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How To Update Your Rental Without Your Landlord

Posted under Decor and Inspiration by on October 9, 2014

Whether you are renting a downtown loft or an uptown apartment, chances are there are a few things that you wish you could change. Without banking the bank, or getting in trouble with your landlord, here are a few fixes on the cheap that will have your rental shine like the Chrysler Building.

1.) Upgrade Your Light Fixtures : I would recommend hiring an electrician or your building’s handy man to come and help you install new light fixtures that you can take with you when you leave. This quick fix will give your space an updated look, and you can have the old light fixtures installed before you move. Most of these fixtures from Urban Outfitters are inexpensive, but look like their more expensive Restoration Hardware counterparts.

2.) Roll Em Up :  Those ugly and dingy white blinds belong in the trash, but keep them to hang back up when you move out. These Matchstick Blinds provide privacy while adding texture & warmth to your space. You can even find them at Lowe’s or Home Depot on the cheap.

3.) Replace the Hardware : If your kitchen & bathroom hardware are that wonderful brass color, take a trip to IKEA where you can pick up stainless steel hardware to enhance your space. You can replace the hardware before you leave, or just leave the new hardware for the new tenant to enjoy since the price is not something to cry over.

4.) De-Dingify Your Tile & Grout : When I move into a new space I am usually scrubbing everything until the cows come home. Save yourself (and your back) the trouble and purchase this Tile Grout Coating Applicator. It will make your grout look white & new in a matter of hours without all labor.

5.) Style Your Floor : If your rental is wall to wall carpet, check out Groupon & Living Social for carpet cleaning deals. You will feel better in a clean space, but if your carpeting is less than desirable cover it up with a stylish area rug. This goes for hardwood or tiled floors too, and feels softer on your feet while defining a living a space.

c600x738 How To Update Your Rental Without Your Landlord
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